A Change for the Reception

Rules in many churches are quite strict, and they are enforced. Brides and grooms are often told when they make arrangements to have their ceremony in a church exactly what the rules are. If they fail to follow them, they can be denied on their wedding day. It used to be relatively easy to follow those rules, but modern brides and grooms often have a looser interpretation of how they want to look on their wedding day. That is one reason there may be a change for the reception so they can exchange clothes, redo their hair, and the bride might even have a wedding makeup artist Manchester help her look very different before she greets her guests.

Let the Party Begin

Brides and grooms understand the importance of their wedding vows, and they know it is a solemn occasion. For some of them, the reception might be almost as demur. Others have chosen the attitude of let the party begin because they feel they have done their part by stating their vows, and now they want to have a good time and celebrate with family and friends. Looser clothing might be an option, or they might feel more comfortable in less formal garb as they dance the night away with friends and family.

A Different Hairstyle

Wearing a veil can limit the ways a bride can have her hair done for her wedding ceremony, and she might choose to take it completely off before arriving at the reception. If she changes her entire outfit, a different hairstyle might be appropriate. Hiring a stylist for the wedding does not necessarily have to be only before the official ceremony, so making a big change in how she looks could be easy enough on her wedding day. Planning for it before the wedding is the best way to accomplish her new look, and she may even have a favourite stylist on tap.

A Sexier Look

A wedding ceremony is an official rite in many churches, and some of them limit the amount or style of makeup a bride wears on her wedding day. As long as the couple has booked a hall separate from the church, she will have the option of creating a sexier look before the reception. She could book a makeup artist Manchester like Rachael to be waiting to help her with a new look after the ceremony, and she can even get her makeup done professionally before the wedding begins. Changes during the day have become an accepted part of modern weddings.

The differences between a wedding ceremony and a wedding reception are beginning to widen, and many brides and grooms are taking advantage of it. Some of them change their hair, clothing, and their makeup in between the church and the reception hall. They plan on doing it to take as little time as possible, and many of them have found there are a host of excellent professionals available to assist them create the look they want for each venue. Ensuring their day is perfect might be simple for some, but others want to put in a little more effort to make their day one they will cherish forever.