The Sounds of a Wedding

Walking down the aisle is just the first step in a long day for the couple, and they will have many joyous moments to share with their guests as the day progresses. Every detail will be planned, but the love they share is what will shine through as people watch them on their first day as a married couple. Every move they make will be part of a tradition that has been repeated thousands of times, yet their unique choices for food, entertainment, and music will help to bring forth the sounds of a wedding that will carry them through their life.

Saying the Vows

Traditional weddings have a written set of vows that have been used for hundreds of years, but many modern couples prefer to write their own vows. They often feel it gives more definition to the relationship they have, and they want to ensure their partner knows the depth of their love and commitment. Whether they choose the traditional vows, saying the vows they have written, or even using a combination of them, the guests will hear their love for each other ringing through the rafters as they pledge the love and future to each other.

Man and Wife

As the couple leaves the altar, they are now joined in the holy rite of marriage, and the church official introduces them to the guests as man and wife before they walk down the aisle. They are full of smiles for having survived the formal ceremony, so their love for each other is now official as they enjoy the happiness of their guests. The couple might want to walk down the aisle to a traditional music selection, or they could have Sash, a professional wedding singer, provide a song that sums up their feelings about their union on this most important of days. The guests will hear the bright and beautiful selection as they watch the happy couple move back down the aisle.

The Reception

Celebration is an important part of the day, and the reception often captures the less formal festivities of the day. A meal and cake are often part of the offerings, and there is generally dancing where everyone gets an opportunity to show how happy they are for the couple when they let their hair down and move to the music. There are many options for couples today when it comes to wedding entertaining. They could have a live band perform, or they might hire a DJ to keep the music flowing. Some couples opt for a special singer or performer, and they enjoy their choice as they spend time celebrating with their guests.

A wedding is an event for the entire day where a couple has vowed to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives. Their ceremony is the formal part of the affair, and it is laden with history. The reception is a time when the couple can celebrate with their guests, and they will all make their own memories of this important day with music, laughter and love.