Setting The Right Tone

Love is in the air at most modern weddings, and couples look forward to sharing their big day with friends and extended family. Many of them now host a close group of friends and relatives at a wedding day breakfast to kick off the festivities, and some weddings last far enough into the night for fireworks to be part of the entertainment. For those who have decided on setting the tone just right for their nuptials, choosing the music could be their most important decision. Starting with their breakfast, going through the ceremony, and ending with their reception, music can tie their entire day together.

First Meal of the Day

Nutritionists claim breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it is certainly important for those participating in a wedding to ensure they have the stamina to last throughout all the festivities. The bride and groom are often nervous, so eating their first meal of the day in the company of close friends and relatives can help ease their nerves. It is a good way to ensure they have enough distraction so they can fuel up for the events they have planned, and they will be able to get through them with more energy.

Walking Down the Aisle

There are still plenty of brides who are interested in walking down the aisle of their local church, and they are overjoyed when they see their groom waiting for them. There are many different types of music played around the world at this type of event, and the choices largely depend upon the culture of the couple. Walking gracefully to the strains of traditional music is often an important part of the mood of the day, so getting just the right musician can be a large part of the wedding planning done by the couple.

Hosting the Reception

While many couples have chosen to have indoor receptions, some are brave enough to believe the sun will shine on their gathering. No matter what venue they choose, music is often a large part of hosting the reception. There is the first dance of the newly married couple, the bride’s dance with her father and the groom’s dance with his mother. All of these are set to music the couple chooses, and those who want a sophisticated sound will be delighted to find an accomplished wedding saxophonist who can provide them with a variety of musical styles that will suit their mood and venue.

Many people focus exclusively on the visual part of the wedding, but the aural portions can be just as important. It is a beautiful sight to see two people speaking their vows, but listening to the joy and commitment in their voices can be a memorable experience. For those who love music, setting the tone for the entire day can begin at the breakfast table with friends and family. The wafting sounds of pure notes as the bride walks down the aisle can be unforgettable, and the music for dancing at the reception can take the entire day to a new level.